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On a mission to eliminate road traffic deaths and injuries.

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ViaWarn keeps drivers safe by alerting them to upcoming hazards on the road.

ViaWarn designs and develops GPS-enabled devices aiming to keep drivers safe by alerting them to upcoming hazards on the road. It works by maintaining an up-to-date database of limitations concerning the roads the driver is currently travelling on. The driver can specify his vehicle characteristics to allow for a customized warning system adapted to the height, weight and content of his vehicle. The driver can thus be confident that he and his vehicle will remain safe and in compliance with local laws and regulations.

Technology ViaWarn relies on cutting edge GPS technology providing low latency geographic positioning to power a real-time warning system.
Compliance In addition to keeping drivers safe, ViaWarn enables drivers to remain in compliance of local laws and regulations concerning the height, weight and content of their vehicle.
Loud Voice Alarm ViaWarn makes it virtually impossible for drivers to ignore an upcoming hazard on the road through its powerful in-cabin voice alarm system.
Crowdsourcing In addition to information sourced from regulatory bodies, ViaWarn enables its community of users to contribute information about additional hazards.
Around the World ViaWarn is available in several countries and the list is growing... United States of America United Kingdom Canada
Rental Box Trucks Built for specifically for rental box trucks, but can keep any truck driver safe from experience truckers all the way to RVers.
Cloud API ViaWarn exposes its database over a cloud api to power third party applications.
Affordable Designed and manufactured to keep costs low.

Montreal QC Canada